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Inventory Going up Ladders Loading WorldStore Blocks TNT Block Rope Block Inventory and Crafting Crafting Window Blocks Deleted Block
inventory going up loadders loadingworldc4 storeblocks TNT rope inventory-craft crafting windows whenyoudeleteablock

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Total Miner: Forge - Available Now for XBLIG! Get it HERE!

Total Miner: Forge is a block mining sandbox game. It has Creation, Combat, Survival, Crafting and RPG elements. Share your creations over Xbox LIVE.

How much does it cost?

The current set price is 240 MSP or $3 on the Xbox Live Marketplace.

What will we see in future updates?

There are currently loads of features, ideas and more planned for Total Miner: Forge including:

  • Day/Night Cycle
  • More Enemies
  • More Game Modes
  • New Blocks, and Tools 
Stay updated on the forums to get your say on things in future updates!

Is there a Multiplayer?

Yes there is a 24 player online multiplayer! You can invite your friends and start building and having fun! Players can join other's worlds, host their own worlds, set permissions to each player, kick player from their worlds, and loads more! You can also play up to 4 players cooperatively (or competitively) with split screen on one Xbox.

Can you send other people your worlds?

Players can share worlds over Xbox Live via a 'Share Session'.

How can I stay updated?

Stay tuned on the forums as well as the twitter, facebook, youtubes etc. We update everything that we can as fast as we can on here.