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Inventory Going up Ladders Loading World C4 Block Store Blocks TNT Block Rope Block Inventory and Crafting Crafting Window Blocks Deleted Block
inventory going up loadders loadingworld c4 storeblocks TNT rope inventory-craft crafting windows whenyoudeleteablock

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About - Total Miner: Forge


Game Modes

Currently two are three game modes including Creative, in which you have unlimited resources and an option to decide which type of land you want, and have the freedom to build whatever you're imagination comes up with. There is as well Dig Deep, which is a survival type mode, where you start with a limited amount of items, and must work for the rest to get through your journeys. Dig Deep mode includes creation, exploration, discovery, combat, RPG elements, and much more!

Online Multiplayer

Total Miner: Forge currently has a 24 player online Xbox Live multiplayer. You can invite friends to your worlds, host your own game, join other's worlds, and even set player permissions for each player in your game.


Cave Systems

  In Dig Deep mode, the total ground depth reaches 2014 blocks, in which consists of dozens of cave systems, enemies, and hidden treasures throughout the depths. Always be on alert as you never know what might happen next through your journey, whether it's a deadly earthquake that causes a cave-in, or a trap set-up by the others.


Multiple Worlds

   Total Miner: Forge does support multiple worlds on your xbox. You can have up to 2GB's of worlds which is around 100-1000 + depending on the size of the world. As for naming your worlds you can name and rename your worlds anything up to 14 characters.

Store Blocks

   In order to get blocks, tools, or weapons, you can either craft them if you have the resources and the blueprints needed, or purchase them from the store blocks. Which in Creative mode, you have a unlimited supply of resources to build from. In Dig Deep mode, you only have the two you start with, and can craft more when you have the supplies to do so. Stores are also able to be mined, and can be moved anywhere above 200 depth. There are two kinds of shops, the Block Shop, and the Item Shop.

Gold Coins

   Gold is earned by mining blocks and selling them, selling tools, and finding treasure chests down deep in caves, but be careful not to run into any lurkers or cave-ins! Gold currency is used to purchase new blocks, weapons, and tools.

   Spiders are Total Miner's enemies. They are found in dark places, down in caves, as well as in various other places. Be careful not to get caught by one or by eggs of one! They may spawn and kill you or bring friends to attack you!

   World Share

   One of our game modes, Share, allows you to start a share session and have another gamer join accept them or boot them, then send them any one of your worlds. They can do the same to you. You then can play on their world!

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